The Winners of the Werewolf of NYC silkscreen prints.  Only 40 handmade prints were created by hand. Cards were sent all across the world in January 2012.  A full year has almost passed by and issue 1 will be printed soon!  Stay tuned for more giveaways and news. 

Hanna Derecho
Katie-Louise Smith
Mikah Peterson
Amy Pham
Destin Lerch

Mariah Scallan
Sarah McDonald
Amber Rivera
Sarah Kelly
Alex Curro

Jessica Highstreet
Scarlett Deering
DJ Williams
Jess Wythe

Katie-Louise Smith
Alisan LeMay
Elizabeth Schweitzer
Brian Ringelberg

Pablo Gonzalez
Kelly Conklin
Kandus Johnson
Kevin Cabello
Lydia Corbett

Lucy Debout
Gerald Peralta
Jobey Dan
Hannah Reiss
Kristy Nykilchuk

Crispin Tarle
Candice Napoleone
Ingrid Dutra
Rachel Rudd
Kapilan Naidu

Jasmine Virdi
Clare Forrest
Alexandra Duguid
Jan Michellardi
Caroline Corbett

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